Sites I recommend highly


Please visit these links. They are there for your benefit.

Frank is a fabulous Word teacher. His common sense approach is very rewarding.

Frank Machen                      Frank’s Facebook Page

This is the site of an exciting author with some great revelation:

Renew Our Hearts     

Here are some more sites I use regularly

Christian Aplogetics Research Ministry                      

Institute for Creation Research                                       

Perry Stone’s program Manna-Fest is an excellent place to learn and enjoy.

Perry Stone

Bill Cloud is a fabulous Hebrew scholar that relates the Old Testament in a fresh way.

Bill Cloud

These are the best teachers of the Faith Movement. I listen to these 4 frequently…I find them on YouTube. Great preachers and yes, they are great teachers too..

John Osteen (Joel’s daddy), Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Charles Capps, A. A. Allen, Oral Roberts – have been listening to him a lot lately. From the old crusades of the early 50s to his later life in this century..

Billy Graham, Franklin Graham and Richard Roberts

David R. Reagan of Lamb and Lion minsitries, has has a wonderful program and ministry. Lots of YouTube videos as well as other resources. Christ in Prophecy

Here is an outstanding site to get downloadable tracts and posters. Free tracts to download

Here is a  excellent BLOG with some really good food for thought.