God’s Welfare System

Today, we have a large group within the United States, citizens, refugees and illegal aliens, that live in a world where people think they are ‘entitled’ to certain things. The problem with entitlements is, those that receive them are never satisfied and always want more. A Welfare state cannot be sustained. This is the basis of Socialism and for sure, Communism. Remember, the goal of Socialism is always Communism.

There are two types of people on welfare. Those that cannot work and provide for themselves and then there are those that will not work to provide for themselves. We are not talking about those that cannot work in this treatise, but those that will not work.

Communism was the first form of government instituted on American soil by white settlers in Jamestown. From 1607 to 1611, they use a form of communism where everyone put into the common stores and everyone took out. The exact phrasing is ‘put in according to their ability and take out according to their need.’

In time, it was apparent there were those that were taking what they needed and often even more than they needed but were putting little or even nothing in the stores. The settlers got together, disbanded the stores concept and went to a strict barter system. You traded your goods for other goods and materials. The families that were guilty of taking advantage of the good will of the others were cast out of the settlement and had to make their own way.

Any kind of Welfare only works as a hand up, not as a life style.

“Today’s welfare recipients get checks and subsidies in their mailboxes. But God’s welfare program encourages the poor to work. The Apostle Paul wrote that “if any would not work, neither should he eat” (2 Thessalonians 3:10). This principle is demonstrated in God’s instruction to a poor person on how to attain what he needs

Read God’s command in Deuteronomy 23:24-25. God’s law stipulates that a needy individual is legally permitted to eat his fill in any of his neighbor’s vineyards or fields. He can’t harvest anything to take home, but he can eat enough to fill his empty belly. This provided for Israel’s poor—without any government subsidies or welfare programs.” What real compassion for the poor looks like By JOEL HILLIKER • January 27, 2015 in The Trumpet.

God has provided ways for the nation to take care of the needy without the ‘state’ getting involved. Government is NOT a charitable organization. To give the government money and let them take care of the needy is not according to Scripture. You and I are to go to the needy and help them. That is God’s way, not the way we are doing it now.

Leviticus 19:10 (AMPC)
And you shall not glean your vineyard bare, neither shall you gather its fallen grapes; you shall leave them for the poor and the stranger. I am the Lord your God.

The farmer was to leave some of the crop in the field for those in need. But the needy didn’t wait for someone to bring it to them, they went and gleaned the fields themselves, satisfied their hunger and went their way.

This is the way the poor were given something to eat. But remember, being poor was not a life style for Israelites. It was a temporary situation at best. No, 25% of the nation were not living the ‘lifestyle of the poor’, as we are today. Those that gleaned were always looking for a way to do better, not another way for the government to give the more.

When the government gives something to someone, it has taken it from someone else. When a charity or church gives it to someone, it was freely given by someone else. And that is one of the major differences in our welfare system and what God has intended.

It is time we turned our nation back to God and started doing things God’s way. We would be far better off for it. Let people be the ones that help other people, not the government. There would be far less cost, waste fraud and abuse than there is today. And the needy would be better cared for. And Welfare for those that can work becomes a hand up, not a hand out.

May God bless the reading of this article.


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