Faith Nuggets for YOU!!

It is always wonderful to find something of value. Nothing in this world is more valuable that what God has to offer. I have a dear friend, Frank Machen who produces a daily Faith Nugget. These are much more than a devotional, they are some real meat teaching. i suggest you listen to his teaching for several weeks and then you can start to see how it all comes together.

Each nugget is only about 4 minutes long or less but is jam packed with information about making your life conform to the Word of God in a very practical and scriptural way.

You can send Frank your text information and he will send you this nugget each day at around 8 am Central Time.

You can reach Frank on Facebook at Franks Facebook Page and keep in touch with him there. You can find his teachings on Youtube as well. Here is a nugget for you to sample. Faith Nugget on Covenant

Here is a great place to start if you need healing. Faith Nugget on Healing

Be blessed as you listen to these nuggets.




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