What is love? (pt 6) For God So Loved YOU

Christmas is a time for us to celebrate what God has done for each of us through the Christ Child.


What is Love (pt 5)

Christianity is NOT a Religion but a Relationship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Because of that Relationship, we must learn how to live.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

A mirror is designed not to flatter but to help make you more flattering. We must strive to help make ourselves better at all times.

What is Love (Pt 4)

Actions speak louder than words. May God help us to align our actions with our words.

Are You Ready For Judgment?

What is the world coming to? I have heard that asked by many for a very long time in exasperation over how bad the world has become. Daily it gets worse and worse. What is your part in this? It is appointed to men once to die and then the judgment. That is personal judgment. What about the judgment of a nation?

Faith Nuggets for YOU!!

It is always wonderful to find something of value. Nothing in this world is more valuable that what God has to offer. I have a dear friend, Frank Machen who produces a daily Faith Nugget. These are much more than a devotional, they are some real meat teaching. i suggest you listen to his teaching…

Does God Lie?

Many believe all God’s promises are not for you!

What is Love? (pt. 2)

Part 2 The definition of the word ‘Love’ is very important. In English, we have one word with many different meanings and it is up to the reader/listener to figure out which meaning is appropriate. Usually, the context in which it is used is of value and aids greatly in deciding what it means. but…

What is Love (pt 1)

This is a multi part series on the word Love. I hope you enjoy and share it. Love has a prominent place in the Scriptures and is found in almost every book of the Bible as a fundamental part of a person’s relationship with God and with others. It is used to define how a…

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Several years ago, there was a popular song by Tina Turner that asked that question. It is still in play today by many music outlets. It is a song that essentially pays homage to the physical side of having a relationship with another person, asking the question “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” The…