Rights and Privileges

We hear the left always clamoring about rights. Some rights they want to enforce on us, others they want to take away. They really don’t understand the difference in a Right and a Privilege. A Right is something that you have to do nothing to be blessed with. Our Bill of Rights are perfect examples. All you have to do for those Rights to rule over your life is be born an American Citizen.

On the other hand, the left is always hollering about certain ‘rights’ that are merely privileges. These require something be done to make this ‘right’ or privilege of any significance.

Driving a car is not a ‘Right’, it is a privilege. It is law that before you can legally drive a car, you must obtain a license. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t drive illegally, you can, but We the People have put this requirement on you to ensure you have at least a minimum amount of training and experience before we turn you loose on society as a 16 year old with 2 tons of mass. As a person that obtains that license, we give you the PRIVILEGE of driving on our highways and roadways and you have a DUTY to the rest of us. You have a Duty to obey the traffic laws. Not obeying these laws does have consequences. You can be fined, have your Privilege suspended or even loose your Privilege. Can you imagine how chaotic it would be if folks thought they had the ‘Right’ to drive through red lights just because they can?

While the left always clamor about Rights, they never ever speak of Responsibility. The left has created a ‘me first’ generation and no one else matters to them in any way whatsoever. Every U.S. Citizen has the Right to vote and they also have the Responsibility to educate themselves on the candidates and to then exercise that Right by actually voting. We have the Right to peaceful assembly. That does NOT mean you can block traffic, shoot and loot, burn buildings to the ground and essentially destroy neighborhoods and cities. That is NOT the American way and that is NOT who we are. You can protest all you like, but only when you don’t infringe on the Rights of others may you do so unimpeded.

The Ability to do something is NOT the Right to do that very thing. For instance, I have the ability to rob a store of all it’s cash. Does that give me the Right? The left has developed a class of people that think that it is okay. When a mother says ‘A mom shouldn’t worry about her son getting shot every time he robs a liquor store’.. there is a problem. That is a self centeredness that is NOT found anywhere else in American culture at any time.

When the left hollers about the Right to an Abortion. There is no where on God’s green earth you have the Right to Kill your baby. They never talk about the Responsibility of taking precautions to include abstinence. They want to use one sin to do away with the consequences of another sin, in almost every case. The left uses the argument about victims of rape and incest. That number is so infinitely small it is statistically of no importance in this argument. If you want to talk about JUST that group, we might have that discussion, but to use that as the reason to kill millions of babies every year, 3000 per day, is NOT a valid argument.

For every Right there is an equal Responsibility. For every Privilege, there is an equal Duty. When you hear someone hollering about Rights and never speaking of Responsibilty, know you are talking to a Communist. They are takers only. They believe in ‘Put in according to your ability and take out according to your need’. The problem is, most of those most ‘needy’ are the ones that put in the least if they put in at all. Communism was the government of choice on American soil from 1607 until 1611 in Jamestown. It all sounds like a good idea, everyone put into the pot and everyone take out. But they soon realized that the ones that were taking the best and the most out of the pot were the ones that put nothing into it. They abolished Communism and went to a straight barter system and banished the two families that never put anything into the pot to outside the settlement. Liberalism, Communism, Socialism, Democratism always breeds failure because they concentrate on what they get and never concentrate on what they should be giving.

The same is true with the Christian life. Want a blessing from God? Be a blessing. Want to receive an abundance? Sow your seed. There is a definite plan in God’s kingdom of planting and harvesting. If you don’t sow seed, you can’t reap a crop. That is so simple a child can understand it, but goes over the head of many adults. The reason is they have their eyes on the wrong source. Your source is NOT your paycheck, your source is God.

Want the Right to be part of the kingdom and the life with Jesus for eternity? You have the Responsibilty of recognizing you are a sinner, you cannot save yourself, asking Jesus to cleanse you and forgive you and be Lord of your life and then confessing Him before men. Too many are wanting the Right without the Responsibility.
You cannot ‘self identify’ as a Christian. You must bow on bended knee, confess your sins to God and accept Jesus as your Personal Saviour.

You can know Christ right now. If you will say this simple prayer
‘Father, I admit that I am a sinner. I know I am not worthy but you are a graceful Father. I now confess Jesus Christ, your Son, as my Personal Saviour. I accept Him into my heart, my soul, my life. I will confess you before men as my Saviour. Amen.”

Here is a place with the Scripture references to read that will help you understand what has happened. Tell someone, tell me, go find a good Bible believing Church to become a part of. But most of all, read your Bible daily.

May God bless you taking responsibility for your life.


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