The spirit of Anti God


What you find is the academia of this world has made a change that is of NO value, makes nothing clearer, it only changes the terminology. It is merely the liberal action of moving God out of our society, individually, nationally and world wide.

When I was in school, we used the terms BC and AD. The point of change over was supposedly at the Birth of Christ. So the BC stood for Before Christ. BC was the turning point of all history. And the 1st year after BC was AD, or in Latin, Anno Domino or Year of our Lord. So, when everyone In the world wrote a date, they used these terms do differentiate between the two eras. By using them, they were honoring God.

I saw this in the CARM website: It is important to note that even though the BC/AD system of dating has Christ as its central focus, it is not found in the Bible.  It was not actually developed until 525 AD, when the entrance of the Christ into the world was recognized as being the turning point of history, and our calendars were made to reflect that.”

What we are seeing is the anti God crowd trying to remove any resemblance of God in every part of your life. There is only one source for that sentiment… SATAN. Satan has, from the beginning of time, been trying to defeat God and become the ‘god’ himself. Any attempt to remove God from any part of society or your life comes right out of the pits of Hell.

Those institutions God has ordained are under attack as well. It is no secret the liberals of this country are against the family. In 1965, the birth rate to single parent homes in the Black community was 25%. Today, it is 75%. Why? Liberal policies that tore the familes apart. They were incentivized to break up the family. If they stayed married, it would cost them dearly in Welfare funds, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and on and on and on. But if they weren’t married, they could get all these things .. but the kids suffer.. they don’t have a dad, a family structure that is conducive to good upbringing.

Now, with the recognizing homosexuals as having rights, including the right to marriage and be a family, the left is attacking the rest of the families. If everyone in America turned homosexual tomorrow, we would be extinct in 80 years. A homosexual marriage will NEVER be equal to a heterosexual marriage because they cannot produce offspring. They can adopt, sure.. but that is not helping to replenish the earth.

Add that to the abortion issue and Democrat policies have us as a dying nation. We are burying more than we are diapering. That is one of the signs of a dead nation. All the others are evident in America today.

I know.. it sounds like I blame the liberals. I really don’t. They are just doing what their ‘god’ is telling them to do. They are doing the will of their ‘god’, Lucifer. I place the blame squarely on God’s people. Too long have we sat idly by and let these people do whatever they wanted to do.. and we raised our hands, sang Kumbayah and prayed ‘God bless our 4 and no more…’ with our heads in the sand.

It is time to wake up. Wake up to what Satan is doing. Wake up to your authority in this world. Wake up to what God would have you do.

God, I pray that we are able to see what is going on and to take a stand that would glorify You and You alone.


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