Selah is a mysterious word found in the Old Testament 74 times, 71 times in Psalms.

It is unknown what the word means, but from its usage could be some sort of direction for the ‘song’ to the singers and instrumentalist..

Some think it has to do with a stop or pause.

Some think it might have something to do with choreography.

Some think it means to ‘Break’ and let the instruments play. In keeping with this theory, I woud suppose the Texas translation of this word would have come from Ernest Tubb when he turned it over to his lead guitar player to pick a riff and he translated Selah into “Awwww Butterball…..” and later changed it to “Aw, Billy Byrd now,”. I guess Selah just wasn’t country enough for Ernest.


Ernest Tubb and Texas Troubadors

Yes, we can do some tongue in cheek things and have some fun..




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